Hybrid Cars So Idol

Written By Unknown on Friday, March 11, 2011 | 9:44 PM

The concept of environmentally friendly vehicles that offer a number of car manufacturers turned out to attract enough visitors Indonesia International Motor Show

on the first day to the public at the Jakarta Convention Center, some products environmentally friendly cars seem to be an idol. Visitors willing to queue to feel like in the car which is generally small, one of them in the Mitsubishi booth.

Product environmentally friendly car i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) looks diantre dozens of visitors. "There are many still read about the concept of environmentally friendly cars. But it has never seen its original form," said Dandy, a visitor who had just tried to get into the i-MiEV. Private employees, admits interested hybrid car technology is applied. Unfortunately, he says, the price is high to make a car of this type difficult to enter the Indonesian market. "Earlier I had wondered, he said, still pivot. Then, the price also could not be given out. The information, regulation in Indonesia is still rather difficult to enter this car," he said.

In addition to Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz booth with his product the Smart ForTwo is equally busy. An SPG Mercedes, Riska, said many who inquired about the tiny car, one Monang. He claimed to be interested because he thought hybrid cars more efficient in fuel consumption. "So I'm interested really. Just, for the Smart ForTwo is he still in the stage of introduction to consumers in Indonesia. Not to know when it will be mass produced and can be marketed," said Monang.

One notes again that given by Monang, small-sized hybrid car may be more difficult for the market. "The character of people we're liked to go with others," he said. Is interest in Dandy and Monang due concern for the environment? This is the answer to both. "Well, how ya. Nah, too. More out of curiosity alone. Kan new technology," said Dandy. "Ah, our environment is good or not, sustainable or not, not because the vehicle just right. A lot of factors. I still look in baseball is a lot of contribution for the environment

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